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'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we are in fantastic poolesvilleing maryland for this edition of hometown fridays. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 starts right now. very we are in fantastic poolesville, maryland. >> we give a big welcome on this friday morning. a beautiful sunrise and we are in northwestern n that this montgomery county. it is week number four for our hometown fridays and we're very happy to be with some of the good folks here in poolesville, maryland. already some folks coming out to say hi to us this morning. >> we are about an hour away from the nation's capital. technically, 35 miles from the white house. but this world out here is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the nation's capital. this area was founded on farming. while agriculture might not be the mainstay anymore, the charm of rural life remains. >> you can get here about 45 minutes from downtown washington if you don't have traffic to deal with. we have quite a bit coming up including the big history of this small town. we'll tap into the expertise of a couple of local historians including on
as we started last week. this is our hometown fridays tour. we are in southern maryland this morning in leonardtown, maryland. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> it is friday, july 9th. welcome to fox 5 morning news. every friday this month, we are taking the show live to communities across our region. today, again, we sit in leonardtown, maryland. the county seat for st. mary's county. and the beginnings of what would become this fantastic and really friendly city that we're in this morning stretch back to 1654. >> so there is some 350-plus years of history to cover. to do that, we've done a lot of homework. we have learned a lot about this but we'll go right to the experts. of a been here since yesterday afternoon. a lot of folk know their history here. we'll find out about some of the history of leonardtown coming up from some of those who actually live here. that is coming up later this hour. also, much like any city on the water, leonardtown's location plays a big part in where it has been and where it is going. there is a big push to revitalize the wharf. ho
are live out of prince george's county this morning. we are in greenbelt, maryland for this, the final stop on our hometown fridays tour. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> it is 6:00 and we are thrilled to be in the prince george's county. it is the final stop of our hometown friday tour this summer. we wanted to bring out as many people as we could. tony is here. we'll check in with him as well. >> holly is with us too this morning. you can't be in prince george's county and talk about greenbelt which is where we are this morning without talking about the goddard flight center so that is where she is this morning. we'll be talking with her very sortly. >> and beseeds what we think of greenbelt today, there is a lot of history in tbleen belted to talk about. we'll bring you all that history of the city. we have shared the history of places that we have visited all this month of july. green belt is a little different. it is one of the nation's first fully planned communities, born of the great depression last century as propossessed to t
degrees. frederick, maryland, 72 degrees off to the east. oweship city, maryland is at 78 degrees at this hour. we do have some mist out there. -- ocean city, maryland is at 78 degrees at this hour. we'll see some clouds build in later on today and those clouds could bring with them a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms in the latter part of the day. our typical high would be 89 degrees. we will again top that, 93 is what we're looking for downtown. more sunshine in the early part of date than in the latter part of state and a chance of some thunderstorm activity here and there during the course of the afternoon. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. more coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with lauren once again with our traffic. >> we've got a new accident reported as you travel southbound on 95 in virginia. let's head out there. 95 south at lorton, it is right on the exit ramp. you are actually able to get by on the ramp. you can see here we do have police on both sides. you are able to get by in the center of the ramp. not
you where the activity is n eastern maryland. most of the activity was along and east of 95. now it is limited to eastern portions of maryland. there is thunder and lightning. this is pushing to the east. on the left side you notice there is nothing happening in the area. we are precipitation free. and misty conditions. the current temperatures. 75 at reagan national and dulles. the forecast look for clouds. warm and humid. high will be about 87 degrees. that's a look at the weather. look at traffic. >> and between connecticut avenue and 355 that's what is tied up. and people waking up without power this morning. we have reports of trees and wires down in different locations. a good work around. and connecticut avenue and 355 because of the mess. once you head out. if you are run into the lights. treat them as a four-way stop. the bw parkway. lanes are open as you travel and north and southbound between the college park exit. and in good shape leaving 198 headed to powder milt road. back in. better news on 66. and lanes are now open and 95 picking up the usual suspects traveling
maryland. numerous calls have been coming in to police and fox 5 news with people saying they felt a rumbling like a passing train. we are asking that you don't call. we know you felt it. we appreciate the calls that have come already. don't call unless you have damage. so far no reports of injuries or damage. tucker joins me now. >>> just amazing. amazing. we can't describe it. a lot of people probably slept through it. for those of us that were wide awake, we were rocking and rolling. i lived in california for a time. i was in a larger earthquake in 89. it was sharp and very noticeable. almost surprised we didn't have any damage across the area. as you said a 3.6. i want to mention quickly that although earthquakes are rare in washington area they are not unheard of. in 93 we had a form near columbia. as recently as 2008, we had a is .8. >> when you say swarm was that a lot of little ones. >> over the course of several weeks, five or six measured. garnered some attention at the time. they were only the .5, 2.7's. this was a 3.6, which is larger. more widespread. >> the star that
's about 12:30 this morning. maryland state police a dump struck driver was standing on his truck reachen to get something when another defer truck backed up hit the truck's other door and crushed the victim. >>> in d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting, the sick one this month in the same neighborhood. a man was found shot to death last nigh. police have not released the victim's name and have not made any arrests at this point. it was less than two weeks ago when college freshman and former capitol hill hopkins was shot and killed. a man was arrested in connection with that shooting. >>> police investigating the murder of northern virginia teenager are now looking over some possible new clues. she was found dead in her car more than two weeks ago. the car was at the fairfax plaza shopping center at about 3:00. a few minutes later she updated her facebook page to say she landed work. call me fran dresser, i'm a nanny. she was found dead behind the wheel just ten minutes after that. >> the day she died she was interviewing with a family that mutual friend of hours had suggested
in annapolis. 72 in manassas. frederick, maryland, you are at 79 degrees. perhaps i need to take a nap. 78 in winchester. 77 in leonardtown. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the mid-atlantic regionen the eastern united states. the main thing you will notice here is these rain showers. this is socialed with a cold front that is tracking its way eastward making us way through the northeastern and eventually through the mid-atlantic states before that front gets here. we'll warm up quite nicely into the 90s and then the front comes through. that is likely to trigger some showers and thunderstorms as it is already doing all up and down that front. your forecast for washington for today then looks like this. some early sunshine but afternoon clouds. showers and thunderstorms are likely today. some of them could be strong. 93degrees for your high. for your five-day forecast, sweet relief tomorrow after the cold front comes through. cooler air, drier air, temperatures at or below normal. how often have we been able to say that, at or below normal. tomorrow, 87 degrees. mostly sunny on s
. also, 77 down in fredericksburg. 74 at baltimore. 73 in frederick, maryland. here is a look at the satellite- radar. from the live shot you saw of the 14th street bridge, it is a mix of clouds and sun this morning. some clouds on the horizon and across portions of the sky. that is kind of the way it is going to be today. some sun mixed in with clouds through outthe day today but not a bad day. we do have changes though. here is your forecast. it will be warmer. yesterday, we only got up to 87 degrees. today, we are looking at 9 2- rbgs 93 degrees under partly sunny skies. it will be pore humid. a slight chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon. a better chance during the evening but i do think today they would be widely scattered. -- today, we are looking at 92, 93 degrees under partly sunny skies. >>> the crew if sky fox is checking out your ride as you travel the capital beltway. landser op on the capital beltway with no problems to report. now, again, in montgomery county, this morning, police tell me there are at least 21 intersections that are
in the murder of a prominent maryland artist. the woman was found stabbed to death in a d.c. alley on monday just three days after she was reported missing from her rockville studio. police used surveillance video to track down her alleged killer. >> i don't believe it was anything much more than some sort of business or work relationship. they worked in areas that were in close proximity to one another and may have had some sort of contact. >> this is a heinous, violent act and this man is off the street right now. >> the suspect is 35-year-old raymond williams of kensington. he has been charged with premeditated murder and is being held without bond. >>> police in california have for you released surveillance video they hope will solve the murder a fairfax county man. of his a computer engineer who was in oakland last sunday getting ready for a job interview with google. police say this tape shows the suspects in his death. he was robbed at gunpoint and shot to death outside a dentist's office. >>> two children are in the hospital after they were hit by a car last night at the intersection
in maryland today. >>> in maryland, a new law that is aimed that cutting down on foreclosure kicks in and also a new move to crack down ongoing ongoing -- >>> cane was ehrlich's secretary of state. for the past 2-years she has been the director of special projects. >>> immigration reform is on the agrandchildren frupresident barack obama. she going to be talking today at america university. a spokesperson is saying that he wants increased border security and accountability for employers and illegal immigrants. it is not likely that congress will pass a bill before november of this year. >>> the national is remembering senator robert byrd. his casket will arrive at the capital before 10:00 this morning. the public can pay respects this afternoon. then flown to virginia and he will lie in repose there. senator byrd was the longest servicing member in congress. he died at the age of 92. >>> elaina careson on her way to serving on the supreme court. some wanted to know about her feeling on abortions, gays in the military and other issues. republicans are not going to plan to filibuster. 
. >>> investigation into the videotaped beating of an unarmed university of maryland student is now focusing on some top police officers. the "washington post" reports investigators want to know if police supervisors gave orders that led to the beating and whether they tried to cover it up. detectives are reportedly reviewing e-mails and cell phone messages sent and received the night of the incident in march and a month later when paren attorneys for the beaten student released the video. the student was among many who had taken to the streets after the men's basketball team beat duke. >>> an accused killer is behind bars in montgomery county this morning. travis wright was arrested sunday in connection with a shooting at a lake forest transit center in gaithersburg. police responded to a call about a shooting and found a man with a goon shot wound when they got there. >>> d.c. police are investigating a murder in southeast washington that happened early sunday morning on 58th street southeast. officers found james edward john sob dead at the scene. he had been shot several times. there is a reward
friday, sick people had died of heat-related causes in maryland so far this year which was as many as all of 2009. virginia and d.c. have already seen pore heat-related deaths than they saw last year. it is proof of just how dangerous the weather can be. infants, young people and the elderly are especially at risk. >> number one, avoid direct sunlight and avoid the middle part of the day when it will be hottest outside. out there and you are feeling dizzy, headachy, crampy, hydrate, get out of the heat. >> we are talking more about the health risks heat can pose and what local emergency rooms have been dealing with. that is coming up later this hour. >>> there are plenty of places to go in the district to stay cool. city pools are opening two hours earlier at 11:00 this morning. they will close one hour later at 9:00 p.m. the city has opened its 62 cooling centers. officials are especially worried about older residents and are providing transportation to the cooling centers as well. >> we are wishing fans to seniors and folks with disabilities, providing transportation to the cooling cent
on the beltway, 95 in maryland and virginia looks great. -- let's get to jonbenet and -- let's get to on-time traffic and some brighter news. >> our hov restrictions are lifted on every major road except for routed 50. the john hansen highway. the traffic closer to your screen headed away from us, that is eastbound 66 and you are looking great right now. also, as you travel route 15 between leesburg and may market, we've got an accident 15 south of route 50 with a car that struck a utility pole so watch for that utility crew at the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> wal-mart may be coming to d.c. the "washington post" reports the world's largette retailers in talks to open what would be the first store in the district. no lease has been signed but reportedly the company has been looking for a site on new york avenue northeast near bladensburg road. >> folks in the suburbs know all about wal-mart. >> right. >>> coming up next ache web site that people turn to for everything from where to get their hair done to what doctors to see. but now, yelp is face something lega
than 12,000 outages in virginia and northern virginia for the most part there. in maryland, bge has about 36,000 outages. >>> most of those power outages are in montgomery county. >> sarah similar monday is live in rockville where a disabled traffic signal might pose a problem for the morning rush hour. how is it looking this morning -- sarah simmons is live in rockville. >> we've seen folks at times that are not obeying the four- way stop rule. we are on rockville pike. some folk are heeding the four- way stop and others are not. that then poses quite a danger for people. that is the case up and along 355 that we have seen the traffic signals out. that will be a major issue for the commute. businesses around here that are still without power as well and this has been the case throughout the morning hours all night long that the traffic signals have been out. here along route 55, other places as well but again, like you mentioned, montgomery county has been one. hardest places that have been hit. now, i talked with a woman earlier who on her drive in to check out to see if her workp
, we're back out in poolesville, maryland. we'll be down at wayland common from 6:00 until 10:00. >> i hear it is beautiful. >> oh, man, it is great. >> it will be hot again today. >> definitely hot an humid again today. we are still monitong a coupleof very light showers and sprinkles but i think they will be more numerous and intense. a couple of light showers down to the south and east down towards the patuxent river. you might encount are a quick sprinkle or light shower on your way to work this morning. but later today, by the evening evening commute, they will be much more numerous and i'll show you why here. let's get to satellite-radar. off to the west and north we go and we have an upper level disturbance coming through. we have this very warm, very humid unstable atmosphere. that is a combination for afternoon thunderstorms this time of year. an some of those will be potentially on the strong side so be ready for that. current temperatures, we are warm, not hot yet but we will be in about an hour. 76 at reagan national. 73 at dulles. 77 at bwi marshall. tiew points in the low
in maryland in the dark and dominion power has 586 virginia customers without power right now. here is a live look at the chevy chase neighborhood in d.c. where power crews are making repairs to a primary cable that went out. so far, pepco has not said what caused the line to go down. it is expected to take a while to get power restored. >>> can you cut the chances of outages like these by cutting back on your electricity use. power companies suggest you set your thermostat at home to 78 degrees, replace traditional light bulbs can new fluorescent ones. >>> mandatory water are are stricts are back in place in montgomery county. this time, it is only for residents in rockville. they are being told to cut back on the water consumption and avoid outdoor use because of a broken water main in potomac. the mayor of rockville says it would have been much worse if this happened last week while ws. c was repairing an eight-foot pipe nearby. >> we would have to find some water supply somewhere and everyone would have to cut back. >> this is the main transition line, one and only transition main that go
a better picture. line-up in the maryland governor's race today. brian murphy is running against bob ehrlich for the republican nomination. murphy will announce his choice for lieutenant governor later this morning. he says his pick is a former government inspector and a former u.s. marine. he will make the at his campaign headquarters in crofton. >>> coming up next ache close call in the skies. what happened near dulles airport that officials say is a growing problem. >> we are checking back in with tucker for your forecast and more on when the heat advisory kicks in latertoday. tmeal cook! bar bell! hey, hey, hey... what's the problem? we're shipping a package to andy but we can't send everything. it'd be too heavy. bar bell! cookies! never fear civilians! a postal carrier!! you guys need a priority mail flat rate box. only from the postal service. wha.. it's all over the tv. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. thanks, mr. postal carrier! hey, fellas! shouldn't that dog be on a leash? disney p
be linked to a string of cancer cases. claims are coming from people woe live near fort dietrich in maryland. rob slater of "fox 5" takes a closer look. >> two years ago, this 30-year- old mom found out she had an aggressive form of brain cancer. then her sister was diagnosed with two binine ovarian tumors, now, her mom has an aggressive form of kidney cancer. they suspect this might be as a result of contamination at the fort dietrich army base. they live less than a mile away. >> i know that it's not a curse on our family. i know it was something put into our water, our soil, anything. >> we were showering in it. laundering our clothes. >> reporter: the family has started a campaign. at this town hall meeting, there were dozen of other families with similar stories to tell. >> my mother, brother, sister, father live within a 10-mile radius of fort dietrich and they all contracted a form of cancer of. >> reporter: if a quest for information, the family is conducting a survey of hundreds of residents. they have hired scientists to test the nearby water and soil. no one from fort dietrich was
will improve. no problems reported on 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> two maryland counties join water restrictions because of water with a water main. we want to go out to sherry lee to find out more about the details, sherry? >> those water restrictions are going to remain in place likely through monday. they are making progress here, but it is definitely slow going. they have been working around the clock back here as you can see to get that water main fixed. this is a massive pipe. it is 8 feet wide. crews have confirmed now that the water main was in fact in danger of birthing. the early -- bursting. dug down 10 feet to reach the water main, heads confirmed that wired inside the pipe used to reinforce -- reinforce that water main were broken, meaning the integrity of the pipes were compromised. until it is fixed mandatory water restrictions remained in place. that means no using sprinklers, swimming pools cannot be topped off. that goes for your home. all other outdoor water use advanced. it's expected to last entire holiday weekend. right now crews are shoring
summer tour. come out and see us in greenbelt, maryland. stay tuned throughout the week to find out exactly where we will be. we'll let you know soon. >> kennedy, our weather dog will be joining news greenbelt. hopefully, he can handle the heat. later this morning, he will be looking for ways to cool off with a taste test that his mama sarah whipped up for him. find out which one he likes better, homemade fruit popsicles or meat popsicles. >> oh, yikes! >> somehow fruit popsicles sound a lot better i can't before you guys get all up on it, we'll have to see what kennedy decides. >> he is still waking up this morning. >> how can you tell? >> he looks wide awake to me. does? hey, buddy. he is just looking around. meat popsicles sound kind of -- well, not to me. >> good name for a band. let's take a look at weather conditions around the region. right now at reagan national airport, we have a current temperature of 73 degrees, not bad at all, relative humidity, 71%. the winds are calm. barometric pressure is still on the rise. here is a look at the satellite- radar. things are quiet. no
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21